Wednesday, August 4, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Bishop Bruno on Landmark Marriage Equality Ruling

Bishop Bruno issues statement on Prop. 8 decision

Bishop J. Jon Bruno of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles has issued the following statement on federal Judge Vaughn R. Walker's Aug. 4 decision on Proposition 8.

"Justice is advancing thanks to today's ruling affirming Californians' constitutional right to marriage in faithful, same-gender relationships.

"Although the appeal process will now challenge U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker's decision on Proposition 8, my continuing prayer will be -- as the prophet Amos said -- for justice 'to roll down' and to prevail.

"To reiterate my statement of November 5, 2008: 'Proposition 8 is a lamentable expression of fear-based discrimination that attempts to deny the constitutional rights of some Californians on the basis of sexual orientation. It is only a matter of time before its narrow constraints are ultimately nullified by the courts and our citizens' own increasing knowledge about the diversity of God's creation.' "

Contact: Robert Williams, Canon for Community Relations
Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles
213 308 0222

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