Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Rt. Rev. Mary Glasspool Wows West Hollywood in Christopher Street West Gay Pride Parade

LGBT Lutherans and Episcopalians joined together on the streets of West Hollywood this morning to celebrate Eucharist and then march in separate contingents in the 40th anniversary edition of the annual Gay Pride Parade. Lutheran Bishop Emeritus Paul Egertson presided at the street Eucharist and newly consecrated Episcopal Bishop Suffragan Mary Glasspool preached while approximately 75 congregants sang, prayed and received communion amidst the noise of motorcycles and amplified music from other nearby entries in the parade staging area.

Following the Eucharist, the groups then marched in the parade with the bishops riding in convertibles and greeting the enthusiastic crowd who recognized the Episcopal Church as being a leader in welcoming and affirming LGBT people in the life of the church. Applause and cheers met Mary Glasspool as she waved at the crowd while riding down Santa Monica Blvd. She later said, "That was so affirming! There was a lot of recognition - not so much of me as of the Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Los Angeles - people know how supportive our church has been of this community."

Some pictures from the day's celebration:

Monday, June 7, 2010

Los Angeles City Council Honors Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles for Contributions to the City's LGBT Community

As part of Councilmember Bill Rosendahl's celebration of Gay Pride month, the Los Angeles City Council honored Bishop J. Jon Bruno and diocesan leaders at its Friday 4 June meeting in council chambers. Bishop Bruno, Malcolm Boyd and Jack Plimpton each were asked to make brief remarks to the council while a gathering of diocesan LGBT leaders stood behind them at the podium. Each one present received a commendation from the council that reads:

On behalf of the City of Los Angeles, we are pleased to recognize your contributions to the City's LGBT community. Bishop Glasspool's ministry and the Diocese's 25+ years of LGBT ministries represent a collective commitment to justice and equality for LGBT Angelenos.

Presented by [signature] Bill Rosendahl, Councilmember, 11th District

Others in attendance included Mark Halahan and Vicki Mouradian (former chairs of the Bishop's Commission on Gay & Lesbian Ministry [BCGLM] - now the Program Group on LGBT Ministries), Michael Bell, Randy Kimmler, Mark Thompson (Malcolm Boyd's partner), Jim White and Bob Williams, as well as Joanna Satorius and Luis Garraban (both of the Diocesan staff).

Here are a couple of pictures I shot while we were there - I've asked Bob Williams to send me more that others may have taken. I'll post those if/when I receive them.

- Jim White

Friday, June 4, 2010

More Parade Info

Here is some more information on the Pride Parade, Sunday, June 13.

-- It is confirmed that the Episcopalians and the Lutherans will be marching next to each other, as both groups requested.

-- Our staging area is Romaine. After the Eucharist, marchers should meet our group on N. Crescent Heights Blvd, in the the block between Santa Monica Blvd. and Romaine St., no later than 10:30. Parade start time is 11:00. Here's a map of the area.

--The parade route is down Santa Monica Blvd., from N. Crescent Heights Blvd. to N. Robertson Blvd. At the end, the organizers will send the marchers south down Robertson and our car down another street. Everyone should proceed to the end (and not stall on San Vicente Blvd.).

-- Parking: the "permit only" parking restrictions will be lifted for the entire city of West Hollywood during Pride weekend. It is recommended that those going to the festival after the parade park in the Design Center parking lot (San Vicente Blvd. & Melrose Ave.). To those not attending the festival, organizers recommend parking toward the middle of the parade route and south of Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood city limits extend only a block or so north of Santa Monica. Parking north of that border will put you in Los Angeles, which is not lifting permit-only requirements.

--There will be three minutes of silence at exactly 12:00 p.m., to commemorate those who have gone before us. Horns and whistles will sound to signal its start and end. All attendees are asked to observe that time of silence.

-- We remind everyone that it is likely to be very hot and very sunny that day, and marchers will be in those conditions for four or five hours. Everyone should wear protective clothing, like hats, sunglasses, long-sleeve shirts and/or lots of sunscreen. They should also hydrate themselves well, even a day before the parade, and bring lots of water and snacks.

But most of all, have fun! It will be a fun and exciting day.